What is SEO

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization gives your website an edge over your competition. Search Engines determine where your website is found online based on their unique algorithms. If your site follows what search engines want to see, your website will receive better results. This could mean adjusting many different things from the keywords to the speed of the server hosting your website.

SEO can be an ongoing process for websites that continually have new information or it can be a one time thing for a website that is in a less competitive industry. Don’t be fooled by SEO companies that tell you have to pay a monthly fee if you’re not in a very competitive market. But also keep in mind that Search Engines are continually refining their algorithms to keep up with the changes in the market and to stay ahead of spammers who find holes to exploit within the algorithm. It is important to know your market and the weight of your competition online. We will help you decide if you need a little help or a lot – and we’ll help you to know the difference.

What would SEO do for your website?
Proper SEO would give search engines all the information they need to categorize your website as relevant to your local target searches. SEO would find holes in meta data like missing keywords or missing alt text. Full SEO will even work on the speed of a website which can give you just enough of an edge over your competition.

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What is Local Search

What is Local Search

More than 80% of people search locally first for products or services online. That means that your business needs to be found in the front page of the search results for your area. There are multiple resources that may help you land there. Each search engine has a maps type of tool that can include a profile for your business. There are directories that sometimes sneak to the first page, and there are SEO techniques that can be done to your website to help with natural search placement. The bottom line is that we can get you there.

Google Places
It is necessary for every business to have a Google places listing. Ever since mid 2010, Google’s search tools default to the user’s local area first, as a result, the emphasis on making sure your business pays attention to its local search results must be a priority. We make sure your Google places listing is posted, verified, and accurate, and will work hard to remove any multiple listings that may exist from past attempts at adding your business to Google maps.

There are features to take advantage of with Google places, such as adding photos, adding video, encouraging reviews of your business, and more. We can manage your Google Places paid activities too, such as the download features or adding menus. Let us optimize your Google Places page so we can help you take advantage of all the features available to you.

Plus there are more places to add your business information:
Yahoo Local
Bing Local Business Portal
Local Directories
And Much More…

Let us give you the best chance possible of customers finding your business. Our own business has been at the top of the natural search results since we opened up shop. We have a proven track record for local and national search. I know you want to work with a company that knows search placement. That is definitely us. Call today!

Do paid awards hold any merit?

Award-winning services or paid awards. Do they hold merit?

Just about any business can buy an Award through paid websites like upcity, cluch.co, the local chamber, and the AdFed. Do paid awards hold any merit? We will discuss the pros and cons of each type of award and how they are perceived by customers. First of all, a website or participation award or badge isn’t all that new. This type of badge is provided by online listing sites to enhance their link building. They give you a badge or something that resembles their site logo and you post their link with that badge on your website. If enough businesses link to upcity, cluch or paid websites they are the only ones that gain search engine popularity. Any business can pay for an award from this type of listing company but are they a listing site or pay-to-play type website?

The local Chamber – In some cases, small local chamber websites have minimal membership and provide awards or badges based on who serves what category. This is a good way for small businesses in the service-based industry to get additional promotions. It helps restaurants and bars to get noticed. On the flip side, if you provide a service that’s specialized that doesn’t have that many competitors then you are likely to receive an award every year for just being the only one that provides that service.

Outbound to inbound marketing

How to change outbound to inbound marketing

Why your website should work as a marketing tool.

Using the Internet for marketing allows you to switch from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Instead of spending time, energy and a lot of money sending marketing pieces out to people, buying radio and tv ads to be broadcast out to people, spending money on direct mail campaigns sent out to people for a 3% return if you’ve done them well, use the internet to bring people in.

When you have a website that has good search engine placement for your targeted keywords, the people who are searching online for your products or services will find you. They come to you. 85% of adults use the internet, and most of those people pre-shop, research, or buy products online. This means that your target market is online looking for you at some point. Don’t you want to be found by them?

You change the game when your website is found by your customers during their peak interest. They have specifically fired up their web browser to search for a company like yours. They want to learn about your products. They want to know what makes you different. They want to choose where to spend their money. When you send out mass marketing, you’re goal is to convince people to think about your type of product. With inbound marketing provided by a good website, you are getting in front of the right people at the right time – when they are open to the sale. They have sought you out.

You must provide multiple ways for the captive consumer to become your customer. Some people will call, some will email for more information, some will buy now, some will want to receive your newsletter, but every single one of them will want to know they’re getting a great deal. Offer coupons, internet specials, discounts for emailing their information or free downloads. When you capture visitors’ information, they are essentially giving you the green light to market to them. They want to know more or be a part of your client club.