Any business can buy an Award but does it hold merit?

Award-winning services or paid awards. Do they hold merit?

Just about any business can buy an Award through paid websites like upcity,, the local chamber, and the AdFed. Do paid awards hold any merit? We will discuss the pros and cons of each type of award and how they are perceived by customers. First of all, a website or participation award or badge isn’t all that new. This type of badge is provided by online listing sites to enhance their link building. They give you a badge or something that resembles their site logo and you post their link with that badge on your website. If enough businesses link to upcity, cluch or paid websites they are the only ones that gain search engine popularity. Any business can pay for an award from this type of listing company but are they a listing site or pay-to-play type website?

The local Chamber – In some cases, small local chamber websites have minimal membership and provide awards or badges based on who serves what category. This is a good way for small businesses in the service-based industry to get additional promotions. It helps restaurants and bars to get noticed. On the flip side, if you provide a service that’s specialized that doesn’t have that many competitors then you are likely to receive an award every year for just being the only one that provides that service.