What is SEO?

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization gives your website an edge over your competition. Search Engines determine where your website is found online based on their unique algorithms. If your site follows what search engines want to see, your website will receive better results. This could mean adjusting many different things from the keywords to the speed of the server hosting your website.

SEO can be an ongoing process for websites that continually have new information or it can be a one time thing for a website that is in a less competitive industry. Don’t be fooled by SEO companies that tell you have to pay a monthly fee if you’re not in a very competitive market. But also keep in mind that Search Engines are continually refining their algorithms to keep up with the changes in the market and to stay ahead of spammers who find holes to exploit within the algorithm. It is important to know your market and the weight of your competition online. We will help you decide if you need a little help or a lot – and we’ll help you to know the difference.

What would SEO do for your website?
Proper SEO would give search engines all the information they need to categorize your website as relevant to your local target searches. SEO would find holes in meta data like missing keywords or missing alt text. Full SEO will even work on the speed of a website which can give you just enough of an edge over your competition.

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