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Paid Search Advertising – PPC (pay-per-click) SEM

Let’s discuss Pay-Per-Click, AdWords, Paid Search Advertising, and website SEO Inverness ND. Search engine optimization SEO and getting found online for a small market like Inverness might be easier than you think. Search engine optimization SEO isn’t really that difficult and is often considered the low-hanging fruit for local search. The problem we see is that businesses are investing in Pay-Per-Click advertising without fixing simple website SEO optimization and most businesses haven’t invested in a mobile-friendly website. This is like putting the buggy before the horse. It doesn’t make any sense to start online digital marketing or PPC campaigns without a good starting point – an up-to-date quality website.

When it comes to website marketing and online marketing just about any web marketing expert should be recommending website SEO search engine optimization and mobile optimization first. More about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.