Pinterest for Marketing your Business

How to use Pinterest for marketing your business

With the amount of technology we use, the amount of Television and movies our society consumes, it is no wonder that a social media site like Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites out there. Tapping into the popularity of Pinterest can be a great business tool.

What is Pinterest?
It is an online pin board where users can “pin” photos of things that they like or find useful from the web. Their friends will see their pins and they can comment on them, like them, and even re-pin on their own account. Users categorize their pins in what ever way they choose as a way of organizing their pins.

Why should I use Pinterest for my business?
Because of the way Pinterest is organized, the pins themselves are indexed by search engines. When you start an account for your business and start pinning your products or services in an interesting or unique visual way, your content will be indexed, has the potential to go viral, and you are boosting your social media score with Google.

Be Unique
Your pins should be quality photos or images and unique in some way. For an example, if you sell beauty products, your pins should be more than just photos of your products. Take before and after photos of your anti-aging serum. Take a series of how-to photos demonstrating the latest eye shadow trend.

What if your business is strictly a service? Think of your target market and the things that they are interested in. For example, if you are a counselor and your target market is married couples. Think of stress reliever tips that you can write up on an interesting background and pin on your boards. People love to pass around sayings.

Set up your tools
The greatest asset of social media is passing information. The biggest “miss” of users of social media is not anchoring their information. With Pinterest, the things you share have to be anchored to a website rather than uploaded to Pinterest (like you can do with Facebook). The best thing you can do for your business is have a blog area where you upload your photo – and an article to go with it, then to pin it to your account. Now when ever someone re-pins or clicks on your pin, they have the option to follow the pin all the way back to your website.